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We create clothing for girls and women who appreciate quality and follow the fashion trends.

Exquisite things of  the brand OlyaMak is the way of self-presentation of every woman who likes to look nice. Here you can buy wholesale and retail. We value our relationships with our customers, so we are trying to better and better.

Purchasing clothes from OlyaMak, you always can be sure in perfect quality, and also that your outfit will remain relevant for a long time.


For our collections we choose the newest design of the fabric, the actual textures, prints and colors.


Uniqueness and exclusivity. Stylish prints, interesting  exquisite models. A variety of styles.


High quality materials and tailoring. Excellent fit.

Exquisite evening dresses for special occasions by Olya Mak

Desire to be special, to look impressive and feel unique in your own skin is natural for a woman, and of course leads to the desire to dress accordingly. Regardless of particular time of day, general mood, company and place, we feel the need to stand out and be attractive, feminine and desired. And no other piece of clothes does that quite like a dress, elevating the total look and simultaneously making it effortless, emphasizing the beauty and inherent charm, and bringing confidence in your appearance and yourself.

Every occasion requires a certain type of look; a dress can fit many of them, when an appropriate style is chosen. And there are those special occasions that call for long evening dresses, extraordinary and chic. These are the occasions for a gorgeous evening gown, the most stunning and exquisite category of women’s wear, except perhaps only wedding gowns. An evening gown like no other clothing represents an opportunity to express taste, personality, social position and even ambitions. It is what frames the experience of showing up to a special event - feeling excitement, joy, grabbing everyone’s attention with your uniqueness and the intensity of current moment. Any one of us has dreamt to live that experience at least once, which brings us to the buying of THE dress. The dress that will fit the silhouette perfectly and distinguish the individual style and persona.

So the selection of evening dresses for women is a crucial process for the final success of the appearance. The combination of textures, the level of showing skin - everything must be 100% right for the future owner of the gown, and not just on the outside. Comfort is just as important, because if it’s not comfortable, you cannot feel relaxed and effortless and so the magical effect of the look may be lost.

Olya Mak is a fashion designer brand with a presence in an online shop for pret-a-porter dresses. We offer evening dresses online, as well as cocktail dresses, of premium quality and cut, that are able to make any woman feel at her prime appearance. Whether they’re showing some skin and being playfully seductive, or being classic and reserved, but feminine and attractive, the evening dresses by Oly Mak are created to showcase the best of the woman’s looks and maintain the elusiveness and mystery of her charm. Luxurious fabrics such as shiny satin, soft velvet, translucent silk; exquisite details, hand-made embroidery and the special details like flowing trains, decolletage and shoulder showing cuts, corsets and other - will make the words redundant in expressing femininity and attractiveness, while being tasteful and elegant.

Creating a truly unforgettable look is at the hands of any woman - you only need to pick the right dress, and feel the attractiveness from the inside.