Dresses that accentuate femininity and express character: cocktail dresses for prom by Olya Mak

When a woman wants to attract attention, impress others - she turns to wearing a dress. And more often than not, it’s not a full-on evening gown, that’s sometimes too official and over-the-top. She may choose something that is more light-weight and freeing, simultaneously flirty and charming — a cocktail dress. This type of dress is a universal pick in a woman’s wardrobe, that would suit perfectly both for attending special events and going out for a date. A dress like that may be bright and shiny, decorated with feathers or embroidery, or, on the contrary, restrained and classic, pastel-colored and meticulously tailored, or having a pleated skirt covering the knees. The options are pretty much limitless, and every fashionista may choose the one that compliments her individuality, femininity and figure.

Thanks to having this range and versatility, being effortless to wear and providing a completed look (as the these party dresses may require little to none accessories, being a great look on its own), cocktail dresses are often chosen for proms. They can be stunning enough for a special occasion, but also comfortable enough for dancing and having a great time. Whether you are following fashion trends or prefer the classic, timeless looks, and also if you appreciate great quality and impeccable sense of style — our catalogue of prom dresses by Olya Mak will pleasantly impress you. Sophisticated dresses in pastel colors, that hug and accentuate the figure, or brightly-colored, loose robe-dresses that are falling off a shoulder just a little bit, lace dresses on spaghetti straps, corsetted and floor-length dresses and many other impressive styles.

Throughout the prom cocktail dresses online pret-a-porter collection by Olya Mak absent are excessive decoration, in place of on-point combination of fabrics, colors, modern prints and none of unnecessary exaggeration. Natural monocolor fabrics are beautifully put together with lace, dark velvet combined with suit fabric or thin satin or silky stripes, dense materials are mixed with translucent light-weight fabrics. The party dresses for women in the collection are designed to be original, underlining the individuality of a girl and making the special evening unforgettable, putting all eyes on her.

Cocktail dresses for women by women’s wear production company by Olya Mak will help to express the essence of your personal character and style, accentuating the appearance as well as helping to bring out the inner beauty.